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6727 Eastex Fwy. Beaumont, TX. 77706 | Phone: 409-347-0978 |    SpiritHouse@tat2art.com
"near Parkdale mall in the Rosedale shopping center - just before J&J steakhouse"

Spirit House Studios will forever change the way you feel about the body art industry. 

 "Not a tattoo shop - Spirit House is a professional art studio where the area's finest artists and discerning clients are brought together to create world class body art in a totally safe, hospital sterile, insured, relaxing, professional and studio controlled environment!"   

Why Spirit House is the smartest choice in the Golden Triangle for a new tattoo: 

1 - Spirit House IS INSURED by an AA+ rated carrier - YOU are protected, the artists are protected and the studio is protected!

2 - Safety: Spirit House provides ALL pigments, needles and supplies used to create your body-art, not the tattooist. A totally sterile process is gauranteed with this approach and the only items the tattooist provides are their talent and machine.

3 - Certifications: EVERYONE working at Spirit House is certified in the prevention of blood borne pathogens. Certifications are prominently posted next to our licenses and insurance for you to see with your own eyes.

4 - You pay when the work is done, not before the work begins.

5 - Paying is easy - Spirit House accepts: cash, credit, debit, Amex, Discover, Visa, Master card, Diners Club.

6 - Straight forward pricing! By the hour for larger designs, digital clocks only register time when the machines go buzz... never pay for breaks or chit chat here! An hour gets you 60 full minutes of ink time every time!

7 - Huge talent pool: Amazing house artists and dozens of specialized contract artists work exclusively through the Spirit House licensed studio:

8 - Aftercare kits: Every client leaves with a free aftercare kit containing everything you need to care for your new tattoo for the entire healing process!

9 - Totally custom designs at Spirit House. "if you're serious about a custom tattoo, our house graphic artists can design anything"

10 - Contract artist format: tattoo artists cannot license to tattoo in the state of Texas, it is only the studio that is legally licensed to tattoo. The state enacted these laws to protect clients from blood borne pathogen transmissions and it is a felony for anyone to tattoo outside of a licensed studio in our state. Spirit House Studios was created as an exclusive working art studio for our house artists and contract artists  alike who shy away from the typical tattoo parlor scene to perform their craft. We provide them "and the client" all the benefits of our exceptional facility and house customer service practices. Those talented artists come to Spirit House to work their magic. Our contract artist format provides Spirit House unlimited access to some of the finest drug, drama and BS free tattoo masters in the state of Texas and we make their incredible talents available to you ONLY at Spirit House! So no matter the artistic style your new bodyart would require, Spirit House has that talent on-tap for you...Incredible portrait work, neo-traditional, black and gray, true color blending, old-school, it's all available at Spirit House in a ultra-safe, licensed, insured and professional setting......

What we offer:

 Spirit House Offers:

  • Incerdible tattoos
  • Hourly sessions for larger designs
  • Artist proof artwork for sale
  • Body piercings
  • Largest selection of body jewelry in SETX
  • All things Buddhist
  • One-of-a-kind antiques
  • World-class tattoo art library
  • 60" big screen flash viewers
  • Hospital quality sterilization

We are proud members of:
Alliance of Professional Tattooists,
Association of Professional Piercers,
the National Federation of
 Indepenent Business (NFIB) and the

2:30 pm Midnight


By Appointment

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