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The Golden Triangles finest body piercing studio

Titanium dermal implants & sub-dermal bars - all conventional piercings & minor procedures


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At Spirit House, our piercing artists are trade school certified and exceptionally good at what they do! Like our tattoo artists, the only thing our piercers are allowed to bring into the Studio is their talent..... The studio sources and supplies everything else to assure the sterile supply chain is full-proof to keep our clients safe. We only allow the use of studio supplied 316L surgical stainless steel body jewelry for standard piercings or grade 23 titanium for micro-dermal implants; all supplied by the studio, not the piercer! We have a comprehensive price list for just about every type of piercing you could imagine. Our piercing station offers privacy blinds for those who desire their privacy or for intimate piercings and all electric full motion remote controlled dental chair for your comfort during the procedure. We carry a huge line of aftercare supplies for every type of piercing so you don't have to run around town looking for the right stuff to take care of your new piercing.
For those rare occasions where we encounter a "bleeder" or a "sleeper" who can't get through the procedure (and this does happen) Our staff is trained to immediately stop the procedure and the bleeding, (take out any jewelry that may have been inserted) and offer the customer a refund or a free return when they're ready to try again.....
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