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At Spirit House, YOU are the reason we are in the business!

Home town hero and friend of Spirit House
Pro MMA fighter; Cody "Wolverine" Williams

 Spirit House is Licensed and INSURED: Because we exceed all required standards, We are able to provide our customers with the security of a fully insured operation by an AA+ rated carrier (policies posted with our licenses for you to see) Our artists, clients and the House are completely covered...... in our House your safety comes first!

100% of all items used in your tattoo are provided by the House!.... Most parlors make the artist supply their own inks, needles, tubes-tips-grips "it is impossible for the house to assure everything used is sterile and of the highest quality with this pracitce.Our system GUARANTEES your absolute safety every time!

Totally original designs available at Spirit House: Our staff graphic artists bring your ideas to life in minutes or days, not weeks  or longer like most places you've been before....

Pay by the hour, or by the piece!  The House provided power supplies have built-in digital time-clocks that only accrue time when the machine is going buzz, so when you purchase an hour worth of tattooing here, you ALWAYS receive an hour worth of ink time - you never pay for rests or smoke breaks at our House!

Pay when we're done, for hourly sessions: after your session is complete, the final machine time displayed is always what you pay for - nothing more.......

Cash - Credit - Debit - Amex - Discover: for your convenience we accept every major form of payment except personal checks!

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Spirit House Studios is proudly owned and operated by a veteran of the United States military

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