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Art has never been so easy!


At Spirit House we have designed and copy-righted our revolutionary Image Viewer system. Now instead of looking or art ideas by searching through random tattoo flash taped to the wall, you can view 7.6 gigabytes of flash neatly arranged by 36 major categories and 115 sub-categories all on a 60" flat screen monitor by simply scrolling and clicking with our wireless mouse. When you find something you really like, we send it wirelessly to our printers. 


Our artist's portfolios are displayed in the screen saver mode of our Image Viewer so you can see with your own eyes the incredible artistic talent we have assembled at the Spirit House to make sure your body art is of world class quality every time. 


We have assembled an incredible art library to help you find the body art concept that is uniquely you. We provide you examples of tattoo work by the world's finest artists along with specialty books that help you decide how to lay out arm sleeves, back pieces, black and gray pieces or portrait work. If your going to get a Kanji, Chinese, Japanese orThai symbol or letter - we provide you with the comprehensive language guides for each of those languages so you KNOW what your symbol really means before you get it inked on your body!


And with all the mediums we provide you to find the body art idea that is uniquely you; if you just can't find "the" perfect concept - then our artists will pick your brain to get a feel for what you see in your mind's eye and create your unique body art piece from scratch on vellum so you can see it brought to life before it's inked on your skin!

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