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Art for body and soul


Fillip Leui, Hiroshito, Boog, Mingis, Sailor Jerry - you name the world class artist and we have their comprehensive artwork portfolios in our library for you to check out. We provide a comprehensive language guide for: Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Kanji including sysmbols. We make available specialty flash from the early Americana period and books to refferrence just about every topic you could think of - Koi, dragons, griffins, butterflies, flowers, stars, moons, suns, skulls, realism, Star Wars, Geishas.......Nothing has been left out in this library........ Books from Leonardo, Dali, anatomy guides, comprehensive gem guides, Pin-up girls from World War II and an extremely comprehensive military unit patch and affiliation guide for my brothers and sisters in arm. Every topic one would want to know about in order to assist in finding that body art piece which is uniquely you. We provide you tabs to mark the pages you find interesting and encourage you to take a few pics with your phone if you need to mull it over at home before you make your final decision.

Each book shelf or drawer is identified with a color and the books that correspond with that shelf or drawer are marked to match. So find the books in the library you want to check out and bring them back to the art table, where you can lay them out on the leather-topped tables and view them under the art lights provided. Need a magnifying glass for a really close-up look.............They're provided for you at the art tables. When your done with a book, just return it to the shelf or drawer you found it at and grab another. How can we safeguard such an expansive art library form the occassional ner-do-well...............Each book has an imbedded RFID chip that sounds an alarm should someone try to smuggle one out of our studio.........

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