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Our jewelry selection is unrivaled in Texas!


How many times have you heard: "no, we don't have it in the store, but we'll order it for you?" You won't hear that at Spirit House... We carry over 9,450 different pieces of jewelry in our studio with over 48,000 total pieces of jewelry in-stock! We have the single largest collection of organic bone, horn and wood taper, plugs and tunnels in the entire State bar none! We carry a huge selection of 316L surgical steel jewelry, acrylics, gold plated over 316L, 80S silver, .925 sterling silver, 9k - 10k - 14k and 18k pure gold..... Whether you seek barbells, tragus, helix, labrets, curve barbells, navels and dangles, captives....we carry them all IN-STOCK!  We also have an incredible collection of clear retainers for EVERY type of piercing we offer so you never have to get caught short at work again by that difficult boss.  Our pricing on our entire jewelry collection cannot be beat in quality or price, not even on the web.....Our wholesale purchasing power allows us to pass those savings directly to you the customer...... The organic line we carry is typically priced at $48-60/pr. anywhere you look....at Spirit House they're $19.99/pr. and we have a HUGE selection to choose from.

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Spirit House Tattoo & Piercing