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Artist proofs - signed & numbered limited - open editions


We are pretty serious about all mediums of art we offer at the Spirit House...It's either antique, hand-made, one-of-a-kind or artist proof quality...."what is an artist proof". ...When an artist creates a piece of art on canvas or parchment or paper......the original he creates is just that; "the original" and there will only ever be a single original for any work of art created...The artists will commission a professional gallery to re-create his original in one of many forms, generally on the same substrate used to create the original.....the artist has different grades of the re-created artwork which he will assign edition numbers to for each grade....the Artist Proof editions are generally of very low edition numbers around 50 or 100 in all...those special editions are individually scrutinized by the artists to assure it is a perfect re-creation and signed and numbered by the artists themselves to attest to the number and quality of the individual print in the edition........ In our traditional art line, we offer signed and numbered limited editions by Salvador Dali (but they don't come cheap, so don't freak out when you see the price on the Dali’s) and artist proofs by Lee and Collin Bogle and many, many more.... All professionally framed to museum standards with conservation glass and non-acetate backings and mattings, each with certificate wallets mounted to the back of the framing and all with artist signed certificates.

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