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One of a kind & artisan items

Everything offered for sale at Spirit House is hand-made by the finest craftsmen from around the world. We source and provide a pretty cool selection of antique items from around the orient that you won't find anywhere else. We also carry wall and hand fans, beautiful hand-painted outdoor market umbrellas, affirmation banners, paper lanterns and other Asian curiosities for all your interior decorating needs; all hand-made is Thailand, Burma or Indonesia. 

Everything you see on display when you walk in the Spirit House are sale items we have placed there not only to create the incredible atmosphere found inside our studio, but to demonstrate how those decor items might look in your own space. You will find our pricing more than competitive with each sale item tagged and priced to make your shopping experience fun and easy. Come by and check it out..... 

Our selection of one-of-a-kind hand-carved statues and designer wood carvings are just what their name describes; "one-of-a-kind!"  We have scoured the globe in search of those custom pieces you will never see anywhere else. So if you're looking for that special piece to accentuate your den, entry way or law firm's client lounge area that none of your cohorts will be able to match....... you can find it at Spirit House..... Some of our custom designer wood carvings are over 6' tall and 2 feet wide and able to fill any sized space beautifully.

Our line of hand-made teak and marble prayer tables have been pain-stakingly created for us by craftsmen in Thailand exclusively for the Spirit House sales floor. They will accentuate any area of the home or business for its intended purpose or as, an accent piece, end table or coffee table and they are incredibly beautiful to behold and very competitively priced..... Our line of hand-made Thai Spirit Houses are just breath-taking in their artistic form -  each blessed at the Buddhist temples before being crated personally by us in Thailand and sent to our sales floor here in the United States for our clients......

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