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Our singing or (chakra) bowl line has something for everyone. Whether you desire a bowl that is beautiful and sounds nice, but is easy on the wallet or you seek a Certified Master Healing grade bowl with perfect tone and pitch, (which are not so easy on the wallet) we have them all.... I have taken great efforts in my travels to Tibet and Nepal to locate and secure the very finest singing bowls of only exceptional quality in 7 metal Tibetan brass, hand crafted by some of the finest monk craftsmen to be found in the temples near the base of the Himalayas.... Our certified "Master" line provides bowls that represent all chakra zones in the body, each bowl with perfect pitch and tone and sustain times exceeding 3.5 minutes. We carry a complete line of chakra cushions, strikers, sticks and mallets.  We even have a line of hand carved 60" long wooden didgeridoos for the eccentric or eclectic musical types or for those who just love art for the soul as I do........ We even have a few "very special" Master bowls which are 1 and 2 centuries old and will simply put you to sleep in minutes when you hear them sing......

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