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Art for body and soul........

Everything offered in our; "art for the soul" line are each unique and special in their own right...... We have Tibetan, Nepalese and Thai mala prayer bead necklaces made of amethyst, silver, ruby, jade, turquoise, agate, bone, wood and even a few special pieces that have been hand-carried to the Buddhist Temples in Thailand and Tibet to be blessed by the monks before traveling back to our display cases.  We offer hand-made prayer bells containing the sacred Buddhist blessings inscribed on them to protect your home and loved ones from the evil that lurks about. Our line of hand-carved Buddha statues and statuettes are great decoration pieces and also fit for any prayer alter in any home or business... and for our Buddhist friends.....Whether Tibetan or Theravada Buddhist, we carry a complete line of items needed to build and maintain any prayer area...... and offer a wide selection of offering items for your temple visits like prayer incense, monk robes, prayer candles and much more.......

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